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Welcome to Transpower Technology

Transpower Technology Ltd. is an import-export trade and consulting company that provides import and export trade services, marketing services, and consulting services. The import and export trade services cover a wide range of solid fuel products, including sawdust, biomass materials, and charcoal, for use in camping, hot pots, and diffusers. Another focus of the import-export trade service is candle sales, which offer customers a wide range of high-quality candles, including scented, decorative, and special candles, also the expansion of food, electronics, new technologies, health products, and natural products. In addition to the import and export trade services, they also offer marketing services to help brand vendors perform effective sales and marketing activities to grow revenue and profits efficiently. Their expertise in new technologies and natural products allows to provide innovative solutions that can help the clients gain a competitive edge in the market. Furthermore, the company provides consulting services for intelligent warehousing, logistics services, and integrated solutions. The company leverages their expertise in new technologies to provide customized solutions that help the clients improve their operations and reduce costs. At Transpower Technology Ltd., they are committed to providing the clients with exceptional service and delivering results that exceed their expectations.

Our Business

The business differentiates itself in supply leader, customer services and logistics by providing freight forwarding services, including land, sea, and air freight forwarding, offering a full suite of domestic and international shipment transportation services. Warehousing service is another focus of Transpower Technology Ltd., which provides warehousing and domestic distribution of products for clients, offering businesses storage service and flexibility for cost-effectively expanding market outreach. Transpower Technology Ltd. also offers warehouse automation consulting and system integration services. Transpower Technology Ltd. will provide robotics and system integration services that help businesses migrate their logistics to digital systems. An automated warehouse system enables customers to run their distribution network at the highest productivity levels.

Specifically, Transpower Technology Ltd. aims to help Canadian commercial and industrial businesses, such as operators within the retail, manufacturing, and corporate industries, modernizing and optimizing their business operations by leveraging technology-driven logistics solutions. Transpower Technology Ltd. provides end-to-end warehouse automation services, starting from the requirement identification, design, and ending with the implementation of the provided automated warehouse solutions.
Ultimately, Transpower Technology Ltd.’s mission is to help Canadian businesses incorporate fuel sale services and logistics technology into their operational activities, empowering clients by optimizing internal business operations and external communication. These efforts begin at their initial business headquarters located at 104-32615 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.

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Company Relation

As Jinzhong Chuangyue New Fuel Sales Co., Ltd. desires an international market reach, the company will be expanding to fulfill the demand of Canadian business consulting and logistics services. This expansion will carry on the mission and values of the parent company and will utilize Ke Ma’s experience as General Manager to achieve this aim. The Canadian expansion of the company will be established in Abbotsford as Transpower Technology Ltd.

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Our Product & Service

Solid Fuel and Candle Sales Solutions

Solid Fuel and Candle Sales Solutions

Solid Fuel Sales Solutions provide sales and distribution services for high-quality solid fuel products in Canada, which specializes in offering a range of solid fuel products, including compressed sawdust, biomass materials, and charcoal, for use in camping, hot pots, and diffusers. Candle Sales Solutions provides customers with a variety of candles, including scented, decorative, and special candles, to enhance their mood and decor.

Business Consultation

Business Consultation

Business consulting services, customized marketing strategies, and technology commercialization solutions help brands develop relationships with target customers and capitalize on new technologies and services.

Logistics & Warehouse Automation Solutions

Logistics & Warehouse Automation Solutions

Logistics and Warehouse Automation Solutions comprise freight forwarding, domestic distribution services, and warehouse automation services which include consulting services and warehouse automation system & robotics integration services, providing clients with quality, reliable, efficient logistics services, and technology-driven hardware and warehouse management software solutions

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(236) 613-2082

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